Harbor Sweets

Harbor Sweets

Providence, RI
Sold To: Génere Foods

What made the business attractive to buyers?

  • The Company was a leading provider to restaurants across Rhode Island. The buyer was a leading provider to ethnic restaurants across Rhode Island. This was a perfect match for a business vibrant management looking to expand beyond its niche reputation.
  • Strong steady accounts who pay quickly.
  • Long track record of growth and profitability.
  • Quality facility for food handling and storage.


  • The Company operated in an industry which operated with long hours. Early mornings, evening emergency deliveries, seven days per week. Needed a buyer who understood this and was comfortable with these customer demands.
  • Company processed its USDA approve beef and poultry processing facility. Some buyers liked this; others wanted nothing to do with part of the business.

Beacon’s Role and Results

Beacon prepared a full CIM outlining the business and its mix of products, customers, team, and facilities.

Beacon created a couple of videos showcasing the manufacturing process and the facility. This reduced the number of buyer tours.

Why did the owner want to sell?

The two owners had worked in the business since they were old enough to sweep the floors. The business was founded by their grandfather. They had earned the right to retire and enjoy life.

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