Our Story

Since 1985 Beacon Equity Advisors has represented hundreds of business owners in the sale of their Manufacturing, Distribution, or Service Companies, which owners have built, nurtured, and grown over a working lifetime.

Our Approach

Our four-prong philosophy towards the sale of your business


Focus: The Four Deal Rule

You are trusting us with one of your most valuable assets and we take this seriously. Every Beacon advisor leads no more than four deals at one time. This ensures intense client focus, allowing the advisor to devote 40 hours a month to your business.


Story: Learn your Business

If we are going to be given the responsibility to tell your story to others, then we need to know it in great detail ourselves first. We will learn your business, customers, products, team and numbers to be able to effectively tell your compelling story.


Research: Find the best buyers

We look into who is buying and selling in your industry – competitors, private equity, synergistic, so we can proactively reach out to them. Better buyers bring better value.


Process: When, Where & How

We know our marketplace. We know entrepreneurial buyers, private equity firms, and corporate buyers. We know who to talk to, how much to say, and when to say it. We’ve crafted these skills over three decades of representing business owners and maximizing value.

Meet The Team


Direct Line:

David Humphrey CPA, CVA

President & CEO

David A. Humphrey, CPA, CVA brings over a quarter-century of experience as a deal maker, business owner, accountant (CPA), and business appraiser (CVA) to the firm’s clients. David has successfully completed numerous multi-million dollar transactions with entrepreneurs, private equity and publicly traded corporations, including one transaction which touched five continents.

In addition to Beacon, David was a partner in Star Engineering, a leading manufacturer of populated circuit boards and wire harnesses for the high tech, military, and medical industry manufacturers.

David believes by telling better stories, owners receive better offers for their business.  Business owners know their business inside and out and why their business has substantial value.  Beacon helps the owner tell their story and convey this value to buyers, their advisors, and bankers.

David created the highly successful Pothole Analysis™ program at Beacon, a customized review of 43 aspects of a business an owner can address in the years leading up to an exit to enhance value. David is the author of the book Think Like a Buyer, a collection of deal stories, tips and advice on preparing a business for sale.


Direct Line:

Jeffery S. Muir, CVA

Managing Director - M&A Advisory Services

Jeffrey S. Muir brings over 20 years of experience in financing and negotiating M&A deals to Beacon Equity Advisors. Over the years, he has assisted dynamic manufacturing, technology, and distribution companies in finding the right buyer and the right deal. He negotiated the sale of a large international power company to a publicly held company in Spain looking to establish a presence in the US. Jeff completed a transaction for a New England based controls distributor with an engineering team acquired by a national company looking to develop a value added service to their drop ship capability. He also assisted a Massachusetts based event lighting firm while they were being acquired by a national competitor looking for a Boston hub to continue industry consolidation.

The common thread in each opportunity is a deep understanding of the business, its market, and the key objectives of the owner(s).  Jeff’s ability to quickly assess the transaction’s potential and possible challenges enables deals to come together cleanly and keeps the process on track toward closing.  Much of this success is due to cultivating personal relationships with owners and their advisors long before the sale.


Direct Line:

Greg DeSimone, CPA, CM&AA

Managing Director – Deal Bridge Advisory Services

Greg DeSimone is a recovering CPA. For the last 20 years, Greg has worked for venture capital, private equity, and public companies.  Prior to joining Beacon, Greg founded Catapult Advisory Group to guide successful family businesses, reinvigorate those who sometimes get stuck and encourage all of his clients to find ways to grow.  Additionally, he provided succession and exit planning services to maximize value and transition to the next generation or owner.

Greg is the director of the Deal Bridge Advisory program designed specifically to assist business owners who have identified a buyer (a competitor, family member, management or even an equity firm who knocks on their door) but needs guidance to reach a properly structured deal which actually closes. Identifying a buyer is a significant step, but only part of the sale process.  Converting that friendly handshake into a deal which survives rounds of renegotiation, due diligence, and haggling over legal agreements into a successful closing can be a long and challenging process to navigate.


Direct Line:

Chrissy Mussari

Head of Design and Visual Story Telling

Chrissy Mussari is trained in the art of visual storytelling, which she uses to create compelling stories for Beacon Equity Advisors and their clients. Prior to Beacon, Chrissy worked in various boutique ad agencies in Boston known for their eclectic style and world class talent. As Production Director, she developed a keen eye for detail pairing images with text to convey a deeper message splashed across billboards, packaging and magazine pages across the US.

She excelled in coordinating teams to deliver meaningful imagery while absorbing design techniques from highly skilled and educated artists. Directing projects from concept to completion, she produced eye catching and compelling visuals. Today she applies these skills crafting messages to tell business owner’s stories in video and print in a way which allows the viewer to understand the business and its data quickly and clearly in order to move the sales process forward.

Through her creative lens, Beacon has developed a vast media library of over 50 DeSimone on Deals Coaching Tip videos, numerous Insiders’ View interviews with former clients on the process of selling a business, as well as highlight reels from our annual Elements Conferences. Chrissy brings vibrant color to the otherwise boring black and white backdrop of mergers & acquisition spreadsheets, charts and lists.