For over 35 years, Beacon has represented owners of mid-sized companies telling their unique story in the Merger & Acquisition marketplace to maximize the value they created.
2023 Advisor Industry Awards. Presented by Axial. Top Deal for the Media and Entertainment category.

Knowledge Tempered by Experience

Beacon levels the playing field for you when identifying and negotiating with sophisticated buyers for the sale of your business. Having a team of professionals on your side, trained in finance who have closed deals for businesses very similar to yours, enables you to feel confident you got the right deal and maximum value in this critical and complex transaction.


Our Valuation services help business owners understand their market value, as well as potential synergistic value.


We use effective and discreet methods to market your business to a researched pool of strategic buyers.


We help you find the right buyer and orchestrate the business sale process from initial conversation to closing table.

Think Like a Buyer, by David A. Humphrey

Think Like a Buyer

and sell your business for more

Having completed hundreds of deals for the sale of closely held manufacturing, distribution, and interesting service businesses over the last three decades, Beacon Equity Advisors’ president, David Humphrey, has identified nearly four dozen ways business owners can improve, enhance and increase the value of their business.  Based on both deals which came together, and those buyers walked away from, David identifies areas with slightly more planning, the business owner would have realized a deal substantially richer, smoother, and with better terms than the owner actually was offered.

Concepts Including

  • Why time kills deals
  • How branding impacts value
  • Fixing the brain drain conundrum
  • Being #1 (in something)
  • How certifications, awards & recognition can help or impair value
  • One plus one can equal three

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