Market & Negotiate

The genesis of the marketing starts with Beacon’s assessment of the company’s appeal to each of the four different types of buyers (Strategic, Synergistic, Entrepreneurial and Financial Investor).  Each of these buyer types will place a different price and deal terms on a business.  The assessment includes providing owners with feedback on deal metrics for each potential buyer group. Different buyer groups prefer different deal structures. Each offer can include total value, cash at close, deferred payments (notes or earn outs) along with additional terms and conditions related to taxes, employment and real estate. Our assessments of the business, and analysis of the market, will assist with determining what are likely and reasonable offers by different buyer groups, which in turn will enable us to negotiate better overall outcomes for our sellers.

More Than
hours per deal
On Average
months to close
businesses successfully closed
At Least
million dollars in transaction value

Beacon can reach a targeted pool of prospects or cast a network wide net

  • Over 4000 qualified prospective buyers are in the Beacon database including strategic buyers, private equity groups and high net worth entrepreneurs.
  • Beacon utilizes our relationship with over 600 CPA and Law firm partners across the country to access C-Suite executives and decision makers.

How long does it take from listing to closing?


It takes 30-60 days to draft the profile, prepare marketing materials, research buyers, and to begin talking to prospective buyers.



The process of finding the right buyer can take 6 – 9 months of identifying the right decision maker, at the right time, whose need matches your story.



Once the Letter of Intent is signed, it can take 60-90 days to complete due diligence, draft legal documents and receive third party consents necessary to close.