Value: The Market Value is the price at which the property (business) would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or to sell, with both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts.
-United States Tax Court
Value can and will change depending on the needs and desires of specific buyers. As such Market Value and Synergistic value will likely be materially different.
-Beacon Equity Advisors

Market Analysis

An in-depth review of company financials, management, markets, and operations to provide a range of value and potential deal structures for the business owners and shareholders. Conclusions are delivered in a letter or graphical format and are typically used by owners looking to understand the market value or market potential of their business.

Certified Appraisal

A Certified Business Appraisal includes research and analysis similar to the Market Analysis, but inclusive of all reporting requirements and national standards of a Certified Opinion of Value appraisal. These formal reports are used for estate planning, divorce, buy sell agreements, and shareholder disagreements.

Synergistic Value

The highest value comes from buyers who best understand the business being sold. Being able to clearly explain the synergistic opportunity your business represents can significantly improve the quality of buyers you meet. Beacon uses its experience in drafting an offering memorandum to enhance and clarify your story using terms, phrases, and details we know will make buyers and their advisors comfortable and thus make more interesting offers.