Tri-State Mechanical

Tri-State Mechanical

Sold To A Private Investor

Beacon Equity is pleased to have represented the Stockholder & Board members of Tri-State Mechanical in marketing and sale of the company.

About Tri-State Mechanical:

Tri-State Mechanical sells, installs and services HVAC systems in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.  The term “HVAC” includes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.  The company also does work in refrigeration, plumbing, and new construction. 

The service part of the business offers the owners a steady stream of revenue as many equipment customers enter into ongoing maintenance contacts.  Most of these agreements include the labor charges for two to four site visits per year.  The technician will inspect the equipment, check the belts, change filters, and grease or lubricate moving parts.  Eighty percent of these maintenance calls involve some repair or replacement work.  Any new parts used in a job are charged to the customer. 

Roof top HVAC systems undergo a great deal of stress during their lifetime from changing temperatures and adverse weather conditions.  The average life span of a commercial rooftop heating and air conditioning unit is ten years.  During that time one or more parts will typically fail and require replacement.   The most common repairs include the replacement of: electric motors, condensers, fans, compressors, and switches. They service equipment within a 100 mile radius of their office. 

For more information on this transaction or other similar business sales contact:

David Humphrey
Beacon Equity Advisors

Beacon Sold Tri-State Mechanical a leader in selling, installing and servicing HVAC systems in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.  Sold prior to 2010. Beacon is proud to be the Business Broker serving Hudson, New Hampshire.  If you are thinking of selling your company please call for a commitment free consultation.

Let Beacon sell your company for you.

About Beacon Equity Advisors – Since 1985 Beacon Equity Advisors, a leading New England Merger & Acquisition (M&A) advisory firm with offices in eight key New England cities, including in Boston, MA Providence, RI and Manchester, NH has represented owners selling closely held manufacturing businesses.  Beacon Equity Advisors’ experience selling manufacturing companies enabled them to tell an engaging story about this Boston area manufacturing company in the M&A marketplace.  Highlighting key enterprise attributes enhanced the company’s value as Beacon identified prospective buyers who were able to clearly recognize synergistic opportunities. By matching the right buyer with the right seller, shareholders were able to realize an above market value multiple in the sale of their business in a transaction beneficial for both parties. Beacon represented the Board of Directors and Shareholders in identifying the buyer, negotiating deal terms and brokering the transaction.

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