The Pie Guy

The Pie Guy

Sold To Corporate Investors

Beacon Equity Advisors is pleased to have been the advisors initiating and negotiating the sale of The Pie Guy.

About The Pie Guy:

The Pie Guy has been making pies by hand in New England since 2001. They are family-operated and believe that good baking is an art, not an industrial process … their products are handmade by good people with a passion for good food. The Pie Guy believes in using only natural ingredients, labeled honestly and sourced locally wherever possible.

From the beginning, the idea behind The Pie Guy has been to provide the kind of fresh, simple product you’d make yourself at home, delivered to the bakery section of neighborhood food retailers. They started off making pies by hand with simple, all-natural ingredients … and after 10 years they are still making pies by hand, with simple all-natural ingredients. Here in our backyard, The Pie Guy has been named “Best of New Hampshire” by New Hampshire magazine for the past eight years. The word is out, and today you can find our products in the bakery section of food retailers across New England and an increasingly wide area of the greater east coast.

You can find a lot of “pies” on the market these days, but you will not find one made with better ingredients.  The Pie Guy is committed to using totally natural, home-style ingredients … the kind simple ingredients you might use at home … like fresh fruit, pure cane sugar, unbleached flour and pure vanilla. Most ingredients are source locally… apples come from a nearby New Hampshire farm, blueberries come from Maine and the heavy cream comes from a nearby dairy. They never use pie filling, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, fillers, artificial flavorings, colorings, preservatives or the unpronounceable industrial stuff you’ll find on some “pie” labels.  Our natural ingredients probably make for a healthier, more wholesome product and what is know for certain is that our natural ingredients make for a better-tasting product … something you’ll enjoy eating yourself and feel good about serving to family and friends.

The Pie Guys products are made by hand, in small batches. If they look a little irregular it’s because people, not machines, make them. The pies are hand-mix fruit with sugar and spices, pack the fruit into crusts one-by-one and apply a topping or top crust by hand. The cream pies taste the way they do because they’re made the old-fashioned way, thickened with milk and egg yolks in a hot kettle, not with modified food starch in a cold industrial process.

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David Humphrey

Beacon Equity Advisors

Beacon worked with the buyers to identify, analysis and acquire the company name The Pie Guy who is a leader in making handmade style pies using natural ingredients.  Beacon is proud to be the Business Broker serving Salem, New Hampshire and surrounding towns of Atkinson, Pelham, and Methuen Massachusetts and serving all of Rockingham County,New Hampshire.

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