Spectra Analysis

Spectra Analysis

Beacon Equity is pleased to have represented the Stockholder & Board members of Spectra Analysis in marketing and sale of the company.

About Spectra Analysis:

Bourne Scientific, Inc. has developed the next generation of scientific laboratory equipment to analyze unknown substances. The company has developed a Gas chromatograph – Infrared Spectrometer (GC-IR) system that will enable scientists to identify and classify compounds that are unidentifiable utilizing existing technology. While there are other GC-IR systems available in the marketplace, this is the only one with the sensitivity required by the industry.

The need for a tool such as this exists across many industries including governmental labs, pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers, military, academia and testing labs across the world. Worldwide the laboratory analysis equipment market is a $4 billion a year industry. Laboratory Analysis using liquid phase instrumentation and gas phase instrumentation is a nearly $4 billion market place and Bourne Scientific aims to become a significant player with its product. 

Analysts in the laboratory have a sample of material that they need to know more about.  They desire to identify all of the chemicals that exist in the sample. The basic machine in the industry to provide this information is a chromatograph. This equipment separates the different chemicals in the sample from each other by passing the sample through a column. Each chemical takes a different amount of time to pass through the column, which is called its “retention time”. As each substance exits from the column, it passes through a sensor. The most common sensors simply burn the sample, and indicate that there was something flammable. Based on when, how intense, and how many burn events occur, the operator will have some information about the substances contained in the sample. For instance, in a police drug lab, a solution of an unknown sample is input into the chromatograph. Based on the retention times observed, the operator will be able to confirm or reject the presence of drugs whose retention time is known. In addition, the amount of substance can be determined from the intensity of the burn signal. This equipment has been in use for over thirty years, is very stable and reliable. It is a standard workhorse in any lab.

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David Humphrey
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Beacon Sold Spectra Analysis a leader in developing and manufacturing the next-generation Molecular Analysis Instrumentation which solves the critical limitations of current Infrared technology being experienced by the life sciences and other industries, in the essential analysis of complex materials.  Sold prior to 2010. Beacon is proud to be the Business Broker serving Acton and surrounding towns of Concord, Sudbury, Maynard, stow, Boxborough, Littleton, Westford, Carlisle And all of Middlesex County.  If you are thinking of selling your company please call for a commitment free consultation.

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About Beacon Equity Advisors – Since 1985 Beacon Equity Advisors, a leading New England Merger & Acquisition (M&A) advisory firm with offices in eight key New England cities, including in Boston, MA Providence, RI and Manchester, NH has represented owners selling closely held manufacturing businesses.  Beacon Equity Advisors’ experience selling manufacturing companies enabled them to tell an engaging story about this Boston area manufacturing company in the M&A marketplace.  Highlighting key enterprise attributes enhanced the company’s value as Beacon identified prospective buyers who were able to clearly recognize synergistic opportunities. By matching the right buyer with the right seller, shareholders were able to realize an above market value multiple in the sale of their business in a transaction beneficial for both parties. Beacon represented the Board of Directors and Shareholders in identifying the buyer, negotiating deal terms and brokering the transaction.

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