The Beacon Approach

An average deal for the sale of a business has 17 decision makers involved from owners and partners to legal, accounting and banking teams on each side. The Beacon approach is designed to get each of these key players on the same page

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Meet our management team

Meet with management to thoroughly understand your company, how it services the marketplace, what makes the business unique and creates the most value.

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Market your company

To over 4000 qualified prospective buyers in the Beacon database including strategic buyers, private equity, venture capital groups and entrepreneurs, as well as over 600 partners of CPA firms across New England.

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Pothole Analysis™

We cover 43 aspects of a business which we know has caused buyers to be nervous, and nervous buyers make lower offers.  By smoothing over these Potholes, buyers are more comfortable, see more value, and writes better offers. 

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Core Value Score

A diagnostic tool which allows the client and advisor to work through questions covering multiple aspects of the company’s performance and management.  The resulting score, provides the starting point for a conversation about how “sellable” the company is in the open market.

Certified Business Appraisal

A Certified Business Appraisal includes research and analysis similar to the Market Analysis, but inclusive of all of the reporting requirements of a NACVA appraisal.  These formal reports are used for estate planning, divorce, buy sell agreements and shareholder disagreements. 

Think Like a Buyer

Recently Published, Think Like A Buyer by David Humphrey is a guide for Business Owners to Sell Your Business for More. 

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