Elements Conference 2020 is going virtual


Elements Conference is an element by element, building block by building block, introduction to the process of selling a closely held business. The Conference is specifically targeted towards the business owner who wants to learn about selling a business without the high-pressure sales pitch and meet the needs of the professional advisor (CPA, Lawyer) who wants to better understand the elements outside their own specialty.



Direct Line:

David Humphrey CPA, CVA

President, Senior M&A Advisor

David A. Humphrey, CPA, CVA brings over a quarter-century of experience as a deal maker, business owner, accountant (CPA), and business appraiser (CVA) to the firm’s clients.  Since acquiring Beacon in 1997, David has successfully completed numerous multi-million dollar transactions with entrepreneurs, private equity and publicly traded corporations, including one transaction which touched five continents.

In addition to owning Beacon, David was a partner in Star Engineering, a leading manufacturer of populated circuit boards and wire harnesses for the high tech, military, and medical industry manufacturers.

David believes by telling better stories, owners receive better offers for their business.  Business owners know their business inside and out and why their business is a good solid company that has substantial value.  Beacon helps the owner tell their story and convey this value to buyers, their advisors, and bankers.

David created the highly successful Pothole Analysis™ program at Beacon, a customized review of 43 aspects of a business that an owner can address in the years leading up to an exit to enhance value.


Direct Line:

Jeffery S. Muir, CVA

Director, M&A Advisor

Jeffrey S. Muir brings over 20 years of experience in financing and negotiating M&A deals to Beacon Equity Advisors. Over the years, he has assisted interesting manufacturing, technology, and distribution companies in finding the right buyer and the right deal.  Jeff’s success runs the size and complexity gamut, from negotiating the sale of a large international power company to publicly held company in Spain looking to establish a presence in the US, to a deal for a product engineer/inventor to sell his seven-person company to a group that could grow it while the inventor worked on his next idea.  Sometimes Jeff is asked to get a transaction negotiated between two parties who see the value of a combination but need the expertise to get to the finish line.

The common thread in each opportunity is a deep understanding of the business, its market, and the key objectives of the owner(s).  Jeff’s ability to quickly assess the transaction’s potential and possible pitfalls enables deals to come together cleanly and keeps the process on track toward closing.  Much of this success is due to cultivating personal relationships with owners and their advisors during the time leading up to a transaction.


Direct Line:

Greg DeSimone, CPA

Deal Bridge Advisory Director

Greg DeSimone is a recovering CPA. For the last 20 years, Greg has worked with venture capital, private equity, and public companies.  Prior to joining Beacon, Greg founded Catapult Advisory Group to guide successful family businesses, reinvigorate those who sometimes get stuck and encourage all of his clients to find ways to grow.  Additionally, he provides succession and exit planning services to maximize the value of their business and transition to the next generation or owner.

Greg is the director of the Deal Bridge Advisory program designed specifically to assist business owners who have identified a buyer (a competitor, family member, management or even an equity firm who knocks on their door) but needs the advice to reach a deal that is properly structured & actually closes. Identifying a buyer is a significant step, but only part of the sale process.  Converting that friendly handshake into a deal that survives several rounds of renegotiation, due diligence, and haggling over legal agreements into a successful closing can be a long and challenging process to navigate.