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The following is a list of select niche businesses that BEACON BUYERS are looking to purchase

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Smaller lower middle-market niche manufacturers, distributors, healthcare and business services companies with capable management teams in place and growth prospects.  
EBITDA $1-4 Million                    
Industrial distribution companies, broadly defined, but including B2B catalog and e-commerce companies. 
EBITDA $2 Million                        
Manufacturers of homeland security, industrial security, personal protection and/or law enforcement related products or services, broadly defined. 
EBITDA $1.5 Million
Manufacturers of highly engineered precision components for medical devices, aerospace and defense, or other industrial end markets.  
EBITDA $3 Million+
Accounts receivable/revenue cycle management, including 3rd party collections and medical billing and coding and other healthcare cost containment services.
EBITDA $2 Million+
Manufacturers of surgical instruments/medical devices or components utilized in less or non-evasive procedures.  
EBITDA $8 Million