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Design & Construction of Mega Structures for the Energy Industry-SOLD

The Company led the design and construction of hundreds of the most sophisticated chimney and stack projects around the globe.  The company provides engineering and contracting services for the design, construction and maintenance of tall structures, primarily for the power industry including steel stacks, concrete chimneys, combustion turbine exhaust systems, silos and cooling towers throughout the world.


  • Recognized leader in the chimney industry for over 30 years
  • Worldwide relationships with power producers in both renewable and traditional energy
  • Specialized equipment
  • In depth understanding of requirements for international tall structure building requirements
  • World renowned team of engineers, project managers and field personnel
  • High growth potential


Headquartered in New England, United States

Real Estate:                         

The Company’s international presence is supported by office locations on five continents with Corporate Headquarters located in the United States


The Company has long-term relationships with well-known international power producers of traditional and renewable energy


The Company currently has 36 employees as well field supervisors and field crews.


The Company is a C corporation and is current on all of its filings with the government.  The Company is not currently involved in any litigation.

Financial Summary:

  Annual Average
Revenue  $46,639,567
Total Cost of Revenue  38,014,300
Gross Profit  8,625,267
GPM 18%
Operating Expense without Officer Salary   3,114,397
Income from Operations  2,852,627
Net Income  1,958,481
Comprehensive Income  1,994,626
EBITDA  $4,761,801


Reason for Sale:                

After 30+ years of building the business, the owner is looking to retire.


Owner will remain available for a period of time to be agreed upon (from several months to several years) to transition a new ownership team and effectively transfer the business and clients.

Asking Price:                      

At this time the owner is seeking interest from strategic parties who see benefits from a merger of talents or offers from strategic parties who see value and opportunity in combining this Company with their enterprise.

For additional information and an NDA, please email jmuir@beaconequityadvisors.com